How we work

Before investing your dollars into any service, you need to know more. You need to know what it’s like to work with us.

Our approach is simple, we design and build websites that Google loves, we write content that people enjoy and we create digital ads that convert into sales.

You are looking for a marketing partner; that is why you are browsing our site after all. Understanding how we operate and how we get you results is essential. Only then you’ll know we are the right fit for your business.

What can you expect when working with us?​

We’re straightforward, tactfully direct and want to provide you with clarity.
This is the foundation for all our client relationships. At the same time, you can expect a relaxed environment. We don’t take ourselves too seriously but deliver you serious results.

We focus on results and your desired outcomes.
The goals of your business become our goals. We want you to feel, after all your searching for a marketing partner, a sigh of relief that you have found The One to help you. These are the kinds of results you get as our client:

Expect more new business.

Your website is updated, agile and fully functional. You admire your website and proudly share it with others because it is now on the leading edge of technology. Any frustration you had with the site before partnering with us, like missing functionality or poor design, is gone. No longer do you worry about your site showing up in Google searches; you have YEG Digital keeping you on top of any Google algorithm changes. 

You have a complete sense of ease that your website represents your business to its best possible ability, while at the same time brings you peace of mind that it is also working for you to achieve your business goals.

Expect more leads, phone calls and customers.

The growth of your business is always the most fundamental goal. Now that you have a system that generates and tracks leads for you, you can confidently know growth is happening and your ambitious revenue goals will be met.

Expect a steady flow of new website traffic.

With a site that has ample targeted traffic, converting visitors to leads, your sales are increasing. Behind the scenes, YEG Digital is not only handling your advertising to drive the right audience to your website but also managing the ad accounts for you. This way, you get to focus on what you do best while watching your Return on Investment steadily climbing.