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Our Approach

Effective digital marketing all starts with us fully understanding your business – your product, services and customers. We dig through your website analytics, social analytics and customer data to discover insights and trends that will help us target new customers for you.

Once we understand who we are targeting, we select the platforms that will work best to reach those new customers. We work with you to define a digital marketing budget and then create ads that will get you results. Everything is followed up with detailed reporting and recommendations for your next month or campaign. 

Digital Ads

monthly, from
Google Search, Google Display,
Facebook & Instagram

Strategy & Audits

YEG Digital provides digital audits of your website and platforms so you learn what is working for and against you. Consider us a digital home inspector for the online foundation to your business. We dive into your accounts and inspect the overall structure, and then share what is already winning and what needs a new strategy.

Search Engine Advertising

Google Search

Search engine advertising works by showing you website at the top of search results when someone types in a competitive search keyword. It is the most thought-of form of online advertising. Simply put, we target people that are looking for your products and services right now and get them to click on your website. This means no wasted ad budget and no mass marketing.

Display Advertising

Google Display

Display advertising is a perfect solution for putting your brand, message or campaign in front of a large amount of people within a specific geographical area. Google has a display network and partner websites that show ads, with images, at the side or top of millions of websites. As part of a complete digital marketing strategy, we use display advertising to drive customer awareness, phone calls and even store walk-ins.

Audience Targeting

Understanding your customer, where they live online and how to target them is a crucial part of any digital marketing strategy. Without proper targeting, you can easily waste thousands of advertising dollars showing your ads to people that will never buy your products or service. Every digital marketing campaign that we do includes a detailed targeting strategy that will put your Google search, Google Display, Bing, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn ads in front of the right people.

Audience Re-Marketing

You’ve spent your money and time driving traffic to your website with search, display and social ads. While some visitors may have bought your product, others just aren’t sure yet. This is where re-marketing comes in. With search, display and social re-marketing, we can target anyone that has been to your website with the same or different set of ads for 30, 60 and even 90 days! Re-marketing helps build your brand and remind your website visitors about your product and services before they buy from your competitors. 

Our Digital Advertising Platforms