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Digital Marketing that will get you new customers

We run digital marketing campaigns that generate instant traffic, phone calls and sales for your business.

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Google Search

Using Google Search, we place text ads at the top of relevant search results. Generating website traffic and phone calls for your business. 

Google Maps

Get your business at the top of the Google Maps pack in Google Search. We’ll put your business on the map, literally, and get people calling. 

Google Display

Generate large volumes of website traffic by using the Google Display network. Get your ads on sites like the Weather Network, Forbes, & more! 

Digital Strategy

We create a comprehensive digital strategy that helps achieve your goals through a variety of marketing channels.

Audience Remarketing

Leverage remarketing campaigns and rich audience data to power your marketing efforts.

Goal Tracking

Running a digital marketing campaign is only half of the puzzle. Ensure you’re achieving your KPI’s through in depth goal tracking and analysis. 

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Our Digital Marketing Process

Our proven step-by-step approach to running effective digital marketing campaigns


Discovery & Planning​

Every digital marketing project starts with a kick off call. During this call, we’ll talk about your goals, and identify how we can help you achieve them. If we both agree to work together, we’ll proceed in developing and plan for you.


Content Development

Once we have an approved plan, we’ll use the knowledge we’ve gained from our Discovery Call and quickly begin writing ads or creating graphics for your campaign. We’ll load the ads into the Google Ads platform and develop a targeting strategy. 


Content Targeting

Targeting your ads is a critical part of any marketing campaign. We target campaigns geographical areas, on existing customer lists, or even previous website traffic. We’ll take everything into account and create a targeting plan that will grow your traffic. 


Campaign Launch & Reporting

Once your marketing plan is approved, content is created, and targeting is set, we’ll launch your Google Ads campaigns. Every month, we’ll send you simple to read reports on how your campaigns are doing and what improvements we can make. 

With Digital Marketing, you can reach your customers instantly while they search for your products and services.

Google Maps & Digital Marketing

Google Maps Ads

More than 67% of smartphone users use Google Maps to find a local business. That’s almost 1.9 Billion people! 

We can quickly put your Google My Business listing at the top of local search results. With our Google Maps ad strategies, customers will find you quickly and be in your office or showroom before you know it. 

Google Display Ads

A stunning display ad will not only captivate your customers, it will increase brand awareness website traffic. With Google Display ads, you can advertise on website like The Weather Network, Sports websites, Major Publications, Blogs, and so much more.

Display advertising is a cost effective way to increase awareness about your services to a specific geographical area.

Google Display Ads & Digital Marketing
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Digital Strategy

A ‘Digital Strategy’ may sound like one of those hipster marketing terms, but truthfully, it’s the most important part of any digital marketing, web design and SEO process. 

Without a strategy that’s focused on reaching your goals, you can spend hundreds of thousands on tactics that will never work. 

A Digital Strategy is your plan. The thing that holds everything together, like Gorilla Glue

Mobile Marketing Strategies
Digital Marketing and Remarketing Strategies

Audience Remarketing

Have you ever been to a website and then noticed that their ads follow you around afterwards? That’s audience remarketing. 

Remarketing is a very strategic and cost effective way of reminding the people that have already visited your website about your product, services and reputation with your customers. 

If you want to generate repeat traffic and loyal customers, audience remarketing is a must! 

Goal Tracking

So you have a website and now you want to run some digital ads. That’s great news! How are you going to know if your efforts are working? 

Goal tracking is essential to knowing if your ads are working. In short, we track the cost of every website visitor, every phone call, and every form submission. We then tweak and improve your strategy based on the results. Always improving them.

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Frequently Asked Digital Marketing Questions

You have questions, we have answers!

What is digital marketing?

Digital Marketing is when you create and place digital ads on various platforms and websites across the internet. From Google Search to Google Display, Social Media websites, and much more.

What is a digital marketing strategy?

A Digital Marketing Strategy brings all the marketing tactics into a single document. It includes all your tactics but also includes audiences insights, demographics data, geographic information, and much more.

Why use digital marketing?

Companies use Digital Marketing to quickly increase their website traffic and brand awareness. These tactics and strategies are very effective for any product or service based business. 

Why is digital marketing is important?

Digital Marketing is important because the world is a digital and mobile place. More people are connected to the internet and search for products and services every day.

How much does digital marketing cost?

There are 2 parts to the cost of digital marketing. First, your actual ad spend that is paid to the advertising platform you choose (ex. Google).

Second, the management fee that a company charges to run, maintain, and improve your ads every month. This amount ranges from 15% - 25% of the total ad spend. 

Why do I have to pay a monthly fee?

It takes years to learn how to increase clicks and lower overall ad costs. Basically getting you more results for the same money. Ongoing access to this expertise comes at a cost for monthly ad managment. 

At the moment, our minimum management fee is $500/m or 20% of the total ad spend (whichever is greater)